A Little Bit About Us:
Why we are the #1 Clothier 
in Ventura County!

Stych Inc., as a company was incorporated and came into being in its current form in late December 2021. Jim Stych the president, has been a clothier/image consultant or haberdasher for 35 years with a background of 30 years in custom and bespoke clothing for men and women. Sharon Mae joined the company as co-owner and Chief Financial Officer bringing her expertise and talents in commercial photography, advertising and social media promotions, that has been instrumental in the creation of the corporation that is now Stych Inc. Together they have remade the company into a local Powerhouse in Menswear and are moving into a presence on the national stage providing apparel to the Diplomatic and Executive protection industry with their NMBL Vault collection. 

Starting in June, Stych Inc. will begin bringing out their exclusive line of suits and slacks called G3 to join other curated items especially designed for this growing industry. Growth has also occurred by being able to offer clothing, including designer labels that fit, are comfortable and provide affordable value with individual customer service. We are all about the fit, helping individuals of all ages dress the part for any time or occasion. We were open every day throughout the pandemic, by appointment to meet the individual needs of everyone for weddings, interviews, debuts, business and other occasions including, unfortunately, funerals. Providing individual customer service and unbridled selection has been a strength in surviving and thriving as we came out of the pandemic. 

We survived and thrived by being an independent business able to overcome supply chain problems by going to any source able to provide apparel to meet the needs of our clients and customers. Surviving and thriving was one inspiration for Sharon to spearhead and provide vision in our 7-month remodeling of our 4,100 square foot showroom off the vineyard exit across from the new Oxnard tower. Her vision in creating an oasis for men’s apparel with a modern “Kingsman” vibe is unparalleled on the gold coast. “We sell confidence” as Sharon would say because individuals would come looking for guidance unsure of what to expect but leave walking taller and prouder of the image they displayed to the world and their significant others. 

We’ve enjoyed the countless stories from our customers and clients as they regaled the stories of the compliments received, success achieved, and job interviews won, over the past couple of years. Jim has especially enjoyed the stories from his EP students over the past four plus years in achieving their success with guarding celebrities and dignitaries around the country (including dozens of agents at the Oscars). We like to say “A Stych-in-Time will make you look fine!” 

The future of the business is bright as Word of Mouth grows around this business and their fine family of employees and tailors as they achieve success one individual at a time. 

Enjoy the inviting, unique experience of looking your best, comfortably while receiving “Old World” service for everyone. Their growth may be exponential, but the individual is still at the heart of all they offer and do. Find out more information at Stychinc.com. I hope this helps and feel free to edit as necessary.  

We have the Suits that are Stuntmen Tested & Hollywood Approved – We helped dress the Stuntmen for Mission Impossible

We are also the personal clothier for companies that specialize in celebrity, diplomatic and executive protection. When it’s important to move like a Stuntmen, we are your go-to clothier for all of your attire. 
We also offer In-House and accept Out-Side Alterations for Men, Women & Children for everyone to have that perfect fit.

Welcome to the NMBL Vault Collection G3 – Our 3rd Generation Stretch Suit 
Designed for Executive Protection

G3 was designed from our 4 1/2 years of experience 
teaching ex-military and listening to their needs and wants for those in the executive protection industry. 

G3 Pants are also equipped with a specialized waistband to withstand the rigors of a utility belt holding concealed to carry weapons and additional equipment, like Communications gear.