G3 Tactical Suit

NMBL Vault Tag_Jacket Suit

Introducing the highly anticipated G3 – Tactical Suit, now available for pre-order from NMBL Vault.

As the third generation of our specialized suits, the G3 is designed for individuals in the Law Enforcement and Protective Services Industry who require mobility. With a focus on functionality, concealment, and durability, this suit is tailored to accommodate specialized equipment and ensure optimal performance.

At NMBL Vault, we proudly serve as the personal clothier for companies specializing in celebrity, diplomatic, and executive protection. When your movement requires the agility of a stuntman, we are your trusted source for all your attire needs.

The NMBL Vault Collection is produced only by and provided for Stych Inc., your Suit Super Store.


It is the Ultimate Choice for Law Enforcement, Executive Security & Protection!

“Our New Flex, EP Dedicated, G3 Suit Allows You To Move, React & Has The Pockets To Carry Your Essentials At The Ready!”

The G3 Suit Provides a Full Range of Motion and Body Movement. It’s predecessor was Stuntman Tested and Hollywood Approved! Its full range of capabilities was demonstrated in the Mission Impossible Movie – Fallout!

With the G3 suit, you can effortlessly engage in Martial Arts like Jiu-Jitsu or Tumble out of danger and Still Look Sharp! Thanks to its custom pockets designed to hold extra magazine clips, tourniquet kit, utility knives ASP, flashlight, special sunglasses pocket and secure compartments for your valuables, this Garment Truly Works for YOU.

It received rave reviews for its flexibility, durability, and utility at the International Executive Protection and Bodyguard World Conference this past December, 2022 in Las Vegas.


G3 Ballistic Armour Package

The G3 Armour Package is 3 separate parts, including ultra-lightweight curved ceramic plates, body armor trauma pad and dry fit fabric carrier for front and back plates. The package works to give you the most mobile level of rifle round protection in threat environments that demand this last line of defense. Insert the pad behind the rifle plate so that the pad sits between you and your armor. The pad has a flatter side and a side that has deeper channels for air flow. When it’s hot, and you need to be cooler, put the deeper channels closer to your body. When it’s colder, place the deeper channels facing your armor to reduce airflow, keeping you warmer.

Back face deformation is the result of kinetic energy transferred through the body armor plate when struck by ammunition. This kinetic energy transfers to your body. Worn behind your rifle plates, this non-ballistic panel performs in conjunction with the plate at significantly reducing blunt force trauma by absorbing 96% of the kinetic energy as well as 80% of the heat generated. Weighing in at one pound, this lightweight pad is constructed of durable materials that are capable of withstanding multiple impacts while still maintaining kinetic energy absorption properties and a comfortable fit. The pad’s shape are available in 10×12 and 11×14 to suit your individual needs. This ensures that you have energy transfer capabilities to match the coverage provided by your ballistic armor. With its superior construction, this Body Armor Trauma Pad can help keep you in the fight when you are exposed to ballistic threats.

The plate is certified by the DOD and had to have 60 plates pass as represented with 2 edge rounds and 2 center mass with NO failures to achieve a higher rating than NIJ. In addition, unlike Kevlar, and other Armor guaranteed for 5 years, our plate is guaranteed for 15 Years.


Upon request, there is a heavier plate (approximately .5 pounds more per plate) which is rated to stop up to a 30.06 round. Additionally, the whole unit fits well under just about any outfit you are required to wear to be as inconspicuous as possible. The trauma pad has deep channels to improve air flow for a greater degree of comfort in hot environments.

We are committed to providing you the ultimate in protection so,

“You can stay in the fight, and you are able to go Home at Night!”