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Stych will give you the look that others will admire, while you stay cool and comfortable this holiday.


We have the Suits that are Stuntmen Tested & Hollywood Approved 

We helped dress the Stuntmen for Mission Impossible

We are also the personal clothier for companies that specialize in celebrity, diplomatic and executive protection. When it's important to move like a Stuntmen, we are your go-to clothier for all of your attire.
We also offer In-House and accept Out-Side Alterations for Men, Women & Children for everyone to have that perfect fit.

Introducing the
by Custom Styches

We are now taking orders for 
G3 from NMBL Vault - 805-320-1905

We welcome you to come into our showroom. We are open 7 days a week, and we welcome all walk-ins. Or order from this site from our inventory on this page.

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We Now Carry Quality Leather from Scully 

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Summer Sandals


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We Carry Georg Roth

Shirts & Tees - We also Ship

Georg Roth Tee

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We have the Performance Jeans that Move with YOU! 
Call us at 805-485-1818 or visit our showroom to get YOUR Performance Jeans. We also ship.

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How to Use the Ratchet Belt
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